My apologies ... access to : 7990 has been blocked.
Please see LibSF source code at GitHub -- (VFrP and VJr).
Jun.10.2014 -- With much love in my heart I continue on (says Rick). Jesus is the reason.
May.22.2014 -- Message to the members of Tek-Tips, Universal Thread, and Foxite.
Jun.25.2013 -- Thank you for your interest in the Liberty Software Foundation. It is much appreciated. :-)
Jul.12.2013 -- Home of the Visual FreePro Project.
Aug.30.2013 -- Added software section.
Jun.29.2013 -- Everything's still in progress... Check back periodically...


In God's sight, we've come together.
We've come together to help each other.
Let's grow this project up ... together!
In service and Love to The Lord, forever!

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